Sunday, June 3, 2012

Royal Signet Gets a New Blue Ribbon

I started this typecast yesterday afternoon hoping to add some pictures and a second part later in the day.  Things did not work as planned.  I decided to post it anyway.

I really should have added at least a photo of the neat old KeeLox gold and blue box that contained the ribbon.  Maybe later.


  1. I like the blue ribbon! Is that old stock, or does someone sell new ones?

    We like our Signet. It is currently playing a role in our family correspondence game.

  2. Very nice color! Maybe I should try making my own colored ribbons one of these days... it would be fun typing in different colors other than the standard black and red.

  3. I like the Royal Blue Signet typecast. I very much identified with the long time it took and not being able to do all the photos you wanted. That happens to me all the time.

  4. Very nice! That awesome typeface looks great, both in black and blue.

  5. That's a nice shade of blue.
    My blue ribbon is way too dark, it just looks like a faded black.