Monday, February 13, 2012

Ribbon Restoration Part 3, The Pelikan Silk Ribbon


  1. Bill I hadn't seen that kind of ink in ages. Great post.

  2. I'm following this series with great interest. I'd like to find out what in WD-40 is the active ingredient and see if it can be had for less or without aerosol propellants.

    1. WD-40 is available in bulk, but I think it is in a gallon container minimum. WD-40 is also available in a pen.

      I was thinking of trying some other products also, like Marvel Mystery Oil or LPS or a CRC product if I ever get more dry ribbons and some time. WD-40 stats in their MSDS the surfacant is proprietary and the LPS products list either petroleum distillates or paraffin I think CRC lists similar for similar products.

      The primary purpose of WD-40 was and is as a water displacement for electrical connectors. It was developed for that purpose for the Atlas Missle. The WD was Water Displacement and the 40 came from being the 40th attempt and that is the one that worked.

    2. Notagain,
      I was on the WD-40 site and it is available in a non-aerosol can it is WD-40 Trigger Pro.


  3. I'm very interested to hear about your findings on how long the WD-40 treated ribbons will last. Keep us posted.

  4. I keep being amazed by your WD-40 results. Great series!
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