Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Like New Olympia SM-9 Thrift Shop Find

As I entered the local Salvation Army store I spotted this neat looking box sitting on the front counter. I sprang from the door and flew across the isle, pushed in on the buttons and threw open the top.

When what should by wondering eyes behold but a like new SM-9 all shiny and bright. It smelled of the factory and glistened all white like snow, the keys were quick and smooth and the bell rang out at the end of the line. AH! I must have this!. 

It followed me home all anxious to work. I inserted the only paper I could find close by. After all I'm in the garage.  I spun the paper into the carriage and pressed the keys with delight.  This is one SM9 that is a fantastic typewriter. (I have no idea why I took the image with the paper bail up)

As I read over this I discovered I negated impress (!impress as a spontaneous (but wrong) corretion) but the sentence is correct none but those impress me.  The SM7 and SM9 typewriters I have used, and those I have never did impress me as good typing typewriter.  This new one does impress me as a good typer.  

The only dirt seems to be the black on the segment and the mark on the 3 key top. There is a very minute amount of dust here and there and a tiny smudge on the edge of the ribbon cover.


Sometimes there still are bargains.  Second cheap typewriter in 2 weeks.
I only went to the thrift store for a used oak table we found there a few weeks ago.  It was still there over the week end so I made a stop today.  I got the table and a bonus.

I only typed a few words on a small piece of paper out of my pocket notebook when I bought the typewriter, but I was so impressed I did not want to get the table and repair the power washer.

I brought everything home, setup the table, changed out the pump on the power washer, and cleaned the concrete around the house.

Then I picked up a Coors and found a sheet of paper, got out the typewriter, sat it on my Harbor Freight work stand I used for the power washer repair, and set out a chair.
When I sat at this typewriter and started to use it I wanted to keep it. I still want to keep it, but I'm sure it will need to go.  I have too many typewriters at the moment.  Then I do not have any that type as good as this one.

Even my Adler J4 is not as good as this SM9, and this SM9 platen is excellent.

Typing with this SM9 is the quietest of any of my typewriters.  I know if my neighbor is really interested in it I will be giving it to him.

This post replaced the post I had in mind on my Century's old typewriters.  I'll be doing that one in the very near future. 


  1. All right!! Great find. I rarely find typewriters in thrift stores anymore.

  2. Wonderful, rare find, indeed! How generous of you to think of your neighbor for this almost-pristine machine. Whoever it ultimately goes to (or stays with you) will hopefully use it often.

  3. Oh my! Decisions, decisions Bill! What an excellent find. I would have loved to see the expression on your face when you spotted this beauty across the room ☺ Somehow though I think there's no challenge in this one for you to fix, that's half the fun right!

    1. Finding and using are fun, but fixing has this special kind of satisfaction. Oh, and the No. 3 will be at the Type-In.

    2. Underwood No, 5. I'm still looking for a No.3

  4. You never know what's around the corner! A well deserved find.

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