Monday, April 30, 2018

An Anniversary And a Rocket

I enhanced this a bit in GIMP to hopefully make it a bit more readable, typos and all.
 GIMP only works with JPEG. I've been using DarkTable for RAW.

I used a butterfly clip to weight the end of the paper.  Whichever long edge was over the side got the clip.  At the beginning the blank sheet, about half way down the sheet I placed the clip in the finished half.  This was a great way to keep the paper from flopping in the breeze.

This is one beautiful typer. I wish it did not lack a tabulator and touch regulator, but it has a nicer bell than any of my Hermes 3000s. Ding!
Screw with the allen head is not original. Some one in this typewriter's past did not know to unlock the locking nut before attempting to turn the screw and broke half of the screw head off.

Same situation as the above photo. I had to replace the upper case adjustment screw.  Another typewriter saved by McMaster-Carr.
After I cleaned this typewriter (which looked good before cleaning) it looks new.

Like many square body Hermes 3000 typewriters, This one needed a knob also. I think this is a knob from an old Underwood drilled out to fit the metric shaft.

My office/typing room is a spare bedroom we use for storage.
 I bought this when I spied the German/French characters on the keyboard.
Price was right too. I'm guessing because the seller did not know how to adjust the alignment.  When I got it the lower case looked good, but only the bottom half of the upper case letters would print.
Lest we forget, there is an afternoon of fun planned to take place in Grand Rapids.
I get 90% of my hardware from McMaster-Carr.  (including my Starrett oil) I also get rubber feet and other parts common to electronics and typewriters from Parts Express.


  1. Clever idea with the clip to weigh the paper down. And good job extracting that broken screw. Thanks for the tips on hardware and parts sources.

  2. You really know how to make an old typewriter come to life again Bill! Bet you enjoyed the Type-in!

  3. Nice! The '64-70 Rocket is my favorite incarnation - metal body, fuller return lever, no floppy ribbon cover duncecaps. :D