Saturday, April 7, 2018

A Home For The Hermes Ambassador

When I brought it into the house and it fit the Hi-Lo typing table I lifted the tables wings to see how much space I could get.  More than enough for an Ambassador.

The footprint is so huge it takes nearly the entire center section of the table.

Had to test the note holder.

And type a note

Notes sent from my Hermes Ambassador and Curvex desktop fountain pen.
This has been a fun year in our new location.  The 28th of this month we will be here for our first full year.  Last year this time we were packing, typewriters, lots of typewriters and associated things as well as a ton of electronics of all kinds and almost as much photography gear.  We left plenty behind, but still have TOO MUCH STUFF! 

I'm satisfied I finally got our taxes done.  Sometimes I wonder is it better to live in a country where they just say 'you owe this much. pay it.' or in the USA where we tell the government what we owe based on complicated forms and calculations.  I sometimes think a flat tax is better, but I'll take the present method. I'm sure what we get next year will be .....

The Hermes Ambassador is really one easy and fun to use typewriter.  I never thought anything could get any better than an old Underwood office size typewriter.  The Ambassador is so smooth and well built it gives all of my Underwood typewriters a run for their money, and the Royal HH typewriters. No comparison what so ever.  The Royals I have do not even come close to being as good of a machine as the Ambassador.  Both the HH and Ambassador typewriters are built like tanks, but I'm sure the Ambassador will far outlast any HH.  Then we all have our favorites.


  1. Impressive Bill. Have always admired these big beauties from afar. Out of the question to own one after downsizing my living accomodation last year.

  2. Ha ha, I love your to-do list!
    Still working on my taxes.

  3. Great to see you home such a majestic giant!

  4. Now that is a grand old typewriter!!! I'm so relieved to be able to use the computer for all that...I was a dismal typist. My mom made me take it in High school, but I would only take one semester as in those days girls were still expected to be secretaries and I wanted no part of that!!!

  5. Gosh I can't believe it's been a year since you packed up and moved to your new abode Bill, how time flies! Must be a relief to have all the tax stuff finished, you made me smile when you said Mrs M has plans for the refund.. good on you Mrs M 😉 The Ambassador is aptly named.. impressive machine, hope your Underwoods aren't feeling a little dejected 😀

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