Saturday, December 2, 2017

Typewriter Insurgency Strikes Michigan

I thought this letterhead appropriate since I'll be taking my Olivetti typewriters.

The Olivetti family all packed and ready to go.
I was hoping to acquire a Lettera 32 by now, but the typewriter gods did not provide. The family is minus one of its mid-sized brothers.  I do have a copy of Richard's book, Tony's book, and the movie included along with some typewriter company letterheads and a poster of a keyboard.  Gotta pack the back seat because the trunk is needed for Mrs M's mobility scooter.


  1. Hope it's a smashing success.

  2. Hope you had a super time Bill, I imagine you would have enjoyed the day so much. I saw an interview with Tom Hanks today, apparently he is a HUGE collector of typewriters too, he took the viewers into his typewriter room where he had hundreds of them!