Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Continuing the Report of the Michigan Typewriter Insurgency (Part 2)

A modified Manifesto

Wonder why Agent Elise is so happy

Agents Elise, Andrea, and Debbie.  Agent Dorothy was missing in action.

Agent Bob enjoying Tony Casillo's Typewriters book.

Not only were there plenty of pinball machines and darts, Agent Debbie found this customized Monopoly game among the many boardgames available play.

One of the bystanders tries her hand at typing

This is Agent Andy's SM3. It is like new and has a glossy smooth finish.

Poem from the upper corner of the above


  1. heh, your Agents are wanting to defect to Arizona. I suggest even more type-ins to solidify your base. :D

  2. Looks very enjoyable. Thanks for the report!

  3. Everyone looks like they're having so much fun Bill, what an enjoyable event for typewriter enthusiasts to participate and meet new people!