Monday, July 17, 2017

Typospherically speaking...I'm Back

My plan was to pick up from where I left off after leaving Kalamazoo earlier this year, but with the hectic pace of everything I have not had time to get the images ready or even type the typecasts.  Moving this time was the biggest challenge I ever faced in moving.  We hit obstacles every step of the way.  It is the first time I moved so much stuff such a long distance myself I'm still working at the unpacking.

Oh, we hired a moving company, but that is another long post.  Somehow all the short moves right after college were nothing.  Back then all my things fit into the back of a pickup truck with room to spare.  Now my electronics would not all fit.  Add to that my photography gear and typewriters and I have more than a van could hold.  Worst part is I had to leave my Omega D2 behind with all the lenses, carriers, and both condesers :(   Good part; now I have a reason to get a full blown D5 system!

There is a lot more to post, including images, fountain pen friendly pocket notebooks, a report on our travels, a new digital image maker, some digital detox as well as digital overload, and even a type-in.

And, finally, for the Underwood Master Champion.  It is my Underwood Master with the Champion keyboard.  Like my ss it is a fantastic typer.  I'd put these 2 Underwoods up against any typewriter - manual or electric - for good feel, action, and accuracy of loading paper straight first time - every time. (even before the JJ Short platens were installed)


  1. Welcome back (not that you ever went away since you regularly leave a comment on mine and others blogs, which is appreciated).

  2. Welcome back (not that you ever went away since you regularly leave a comment on mine and others blogs, which is appreciated).

  3. My mind is still boggling at the thought of transporting 100 typewriters along with everything else!It really has been a hectic time for you both but sounds like you're there now and it can only get easier hopefully! I've learnt a few new words here Bill, 'typospherian' 😀😀

  4. Good to hear from you, Bill. Sounds like things have been hectic. Hang in there, sir. And pour yourself a beer.

  5. @ Steve K, Thank you.
    @ Grace, You've gen me an idea for a post.
    @teeritz, Kalamazoo is great -- and there is an abundance of brew-pubs. I think I'll have a beer.

  6. Welcome back to blogging! I'm glad you survived the move (which I always find very stressful). Enjoy Kazoo!

  7. I also have an Underwood Master Champion. But the right side of the space bar sticks. Any helpful advice? Thanks in advance. Jane

    1. Hello Jane
      Thanks for reading my blog.
      Two of the major reasons I've found on most typewriters for one side of a space bar sticking is to first look at the space bar itself and ensure it is parallel to the typewriter's front frame. There should be equal space along the rear of the frame and front of the space bar.

      If this is the case rest the typewriter on some towels on your kitchen table (or other substantial table for supporting and working on your typewriter) and loosen the screws on the bottom of the space bar and align the bar so the space between the typewriter and bar is even. Check to see the bar does not interfere with the front row of keys and then tighten the screws.

      The other thing I find often is one side of the space bar flat bars that connect to the rear of the machine's escapement will rub against a key bar. All of these flat bars are spaced just enough as to not cause interference with each other. If a key bar or space bar like this gets bent or moved out of position where it may scrape or bind against another one that key and/or space bar side will not return properly.

      Lastly are springs that could be detached or missing. This will take some photos and further detailed explanation. This link may be helpful:
      Typewriter Maintenance