Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tablesaw Typing

This machine has a Pica Cubic typeface. One of my favorites. 

Everything needs cleaned and then I'll add to one of my stereo systems. The NAD stays in the garage with the rest of the NAD gear.  NAD made some really great equipment.  Like most quality has gone down hill with the turn of the century.

Great sounding speakers that will drive one out of the theater driven by only 35Watts.  From back in the day of great speakers that were very efficient since tube amplifers did not produce the hundreds to thousands of watts for inefficient speaker systems.  Many theaters and arenas were equipped with various models of Altec speakers.  Many are still in service. These will put the new junk coming from China and elsewhere out to pasture.  I actually used these (with up-graded high drivers) on my Peavy 800 when I did pro sound (that was LOUD!). 

More from back in the day.  Back in the day when Sansui made high quality audio equipment instead of the junk from the latter part of the 20th century.  They finally quit making audio gear completely. These are good sounding 3-way speakers.  No foam surrounds in these. They'll still be reproducing high quality sound in the 22nd century.

My mess followed me to Michigan.  I'll soon be installing my stereo system and some fans, more shelving, and get the garage organized.

And for those of you who do not believe my X was the wicked witch of the East....

Digital images courtesy of my new-to-me Olympus Stylus-1 Digital Imager.  On one of our first trips into the Michigan woods I did not make it out of the parking lot before killing my LF-1. 

Ever since I broke my hand and injured the other one I all all of a sudden without warning can drop things.  Instead of doing what I've done religiously since purchasing my first 35mm for my college photography class (back then we did real photography, with film, chemicals, paper) by putting the camera strap around my neck, I turned on my LF1 and decided to take an image, oops! a string of ....., and a dead camera.  Oh, and such a mean look from Mrs. M.

Digital imagers do not last being dropped once the lens is active.  Real lenses from my other cameras have been abused and dropped when used in the fire service.  If not full of water and ash, pick them up and use.  The only one that failed fell from atop our ladder truck. Even I would not have survived that 100 foot fall. 

More on the Stylus 1 on a later typecast.


  1. In my limited experience, Facits are delicate and a little tricky to work on, but superb when they're fine-tuned. I bet you can make the bell louder by bending the clapper a little.

    Sorry to hear about your camera!

  2. I can't believe you had the willpower to leave your old typewriter on the shelf in the thrift store Bill.. well done 😀 Just been Googling your new camera the Olympus Stylus 1, looks like a neat camera, got a pretty good zoom, you'll have to use a tripod if you take it to it's max 300mm though. I love my Olympus OMD but it can be such a nuisance when you have to change lenses quickly. Make sure you get that strap on and around your neck ☺

    1. Your OMD has a much larger sensor and is a better camera than my Stylus-1. The Stylus has a tiny 12mp sensor. I wanted this one because it looks like a 35mm and has a constant f2.8 even with the TCON-17x auxilary lens that takes it out to just over 500mm. Now for a lighter tripod than what I have for my view camera. I thought the OMD had a bayonet mount lens.

  3. Yes I absolutely do hate computers Bill, they drive me crazy 😀 I thought about you today, we went for a drive in the country and stopped to have lunch, there were some wonderful old typewriters on display, but I don't think they were looked after as well as you look after your collection.