Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Teachers and Professors

I invented a new name of a typewriter company.  Too much in a hurry.  Our anniversary was 2 February and I am doing these the night before posting them so this is late in the evening of 2 February and I am not going to edit the post.
Looks like reverting back to a flat bed scanner as either the fist page or second page skews on a sheet feeder scanner. 


  1. Ah teachers, where are they now? I wonder if they realise the enduring impact on their students. Sometimes even my flatbed gives me a skewed image.

    1. Rob, I think the ones I had do realize their impact. Unfortunately, many are now retired. Best thing is the teachers I initially thought tough and hard to pass their class were the ones who challenged me to think and work my way to the answer and not tell me the answer. I found teachers who were into memorization of anything only so one could recall an answer were not the real teachers who inspired any student. Too bad here in the States all the schools bought into George Bush's common crap. Now all the teachers do is coach students to pass standard tests.

    2. Things have slid in that direction in the UK also, if my son's latest parent-teacher meetings are anything to go by. In one, we didn't talk about the subject at all but were shown a graph of how his marks aligned with certain grade averages and what he had to do to reach higher ones. I never expected to have a spreadsheet explanation of my son's progress in product design!