Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I.T.A.M. Day Two

This typewriter really kicked off my uncontrollable habit of typewriter collecting.
Since then about 150 or 200 typewriters crossed my workbench.  Presently much to the disdain of Mrs. M. I have about 100 typewriters in the house, but only one -- my Hammond -- on display.  I could display more, but all of my fire department memorabilia would need to go or my old Kodaks.  That will not happen.  So my typewriters remain on shelves in their own private houses only to emerge when I type.  I have about 70 that I can readily use, and a few that I need to use the one or two finger method due to key sticks, flat feed rollers, or play in the carriage.

I've been too busy to retake photos of my typewriters.  As I get time I will rephotograph them and post them to the typewriter database.  If I get them done before the end of ITAM I'll do a montage at the end of the month.  In the mean time I''l type, work on radio projects, and make a few tweaks to my new truck.


  1. Great thoughts on mentors. It's inspiring enough to want to mentor someone else.

  2. How true Bill. I'm interested in the way professionals in the field distinguish between mentoring, counselling and coaching. All seem to merge somehow. Maybe mentoring is the casually sought and patiently taught learning we do from people who otherwise we'd just call friends. My only claim is there are plenty of neighbourhood kids who now know how to repair an inner tube!

  3. You have been so lucky with teachers and mentors when you were young Bill, not many are so lucky. Sounds like things are pretty hectic for you right now. I think Mrs M is very patient with your typewriter collection but I guess as long as you don't ask her to dust them :)