Sunday, October 5, 2014

Look what followed me home....

I picked up this hitch hiker earlier today

It contained some neat keys

Which is better -- this one with fill flash?

Or this one -- no flash?
I found another oddity on/in the database.  A carry-over from Dirk's original.
There is not a Signet Sr. listed.  Signet Jr, which I am guessing is what this one is incorrectly called and Signet which would be the incorrect name for the Sr.

I found where I noted the difference when I got my first Signet a few years ago.
This one is only a bit newer by the serial number but feeds paper better.  I think somewhere in its life the platen was recovered since today I did not realize until I went to remove my typecast that I had not closed the paper feed.  Platen is not real hard either although I would like to send it of to J.J. Short.


  1. Yeah, all the Royal data is from Secondary Sources, and I have only a few more to work with than Dirk did. There is a Primary (direct from factory) source in existence, but we just don't have it in hand (as of yet anyway).

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  3. The first one must be one of my favorites, a Hammond Folding Multiplex! I would recognize those keytops and that case anywhere!

  4. Oh nice. And in the perfect hands for it too!

  5. What a beauty Bill.. I think it looks better in the shot using the fill light, the typ is easier to read.. Love the colour!