Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hammond Shuttles

These came with the Hammond Multiplex.  There were (and still are) 2 more mounted on the typewriter.

This box can hold up to 9 shuttles.

Several of these boxes of shuttles were also included.

2 boxes had a shuttle, keys, and typeface example paper.
All but one box had a shuttle and typeface example.

This is how to identify the top of the shuttle.  This side up to load and use.

The bottom is readily identified

This shuttle is ready to pick up and load.

2 shuttles loaded and ready.
These sheets are from

I've posted them only because they are difficult to find via a search.  Hopefull the original blogger does not mind.  If they do I will remove them from this blog.

The shuttles installed and ready for use.
Yesterday I took the typewriter off of the case lid to let the lid air-out outside the house.  There is just enough of a must odor that I can smell it.  This is the only typewriter on display in our living room.  I think it will now type when an impression strip is installed.  Off of the lid the left side keys do not type z.  They seem to work normally.  The machines frame does not seem bent.


  1. What a beautiful machine, and the array of typefaces to match! I hope you can get it working some day.

    1. I'm going to give it a try when I get an impression strip. Off the lid it seems to cycle the shuttle better. Strange.

  2. A lot of dust can gather up in 33 years Bill :) You sure know your typewriters inside out!
    P.s. your comment today made me laugh out loud :)

  3. Oooh, very nice Hammond! Type shuttles for those aren't very easy to find. Hey, I need that Escort in the Database! :D

    1. I ran out of time yesterday or it would be there. I'll do it this week.

  4. Thanks for showing us the shuttles. I hope you get to go to Switzerland.