Monday, September 1, 2014

Laboring on Labor Day by adjusting a Tippa S

Adler Tippa S (1969) with Ransmayer Rodrian (Ro85) Pica Cubic.  Almost identical to the CSA Pica Cubic on my Facit TP2.

Original out of line upper and lower case letters.  Using the line gage I then used the Ll and Ii to align.
 I work one end of the carriage and then the other end until both are aligned.  I use the _____ underscore to ensure the alignment of the line and that will show which case is out of alignment.
After a bit of trial and error alignment is nearly 100%.

Left carriage track end adjustment screws.  Out brings the lower case up and raises it on the line.

Right end of the carriage track.

I needed to replace the broken knob so I broke off all of the remaing plastic and used a channel module equalizer adjustment knob from an audio mixing console as a replacement.


  1. Nice work.

    I thought the Tippa S was the model with basket shift, but I guess not necessarily.

  2. Nicely done. for some reason I thought Tippa S's were basket shift too. I liked the one I had, but not enough to keep it either. The return lever felt odd to me, mainly.

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    1. Richard & Ted, This is definately a carriage shift. Heavy, vertical movement unlike the nice tilt of a Skyriter or Hermes Baby. Even my Montana Luxe has a nicer tilt shift of the carriage. This one is heavy and the scissors spriings do not have a tension adjustment that I can find.

  4. Thank you for a brilliant "how to"! :)

  5. I had one of these too, but found it very loud. The original Gossen Tippa is also loud, but the ultimate Tippa is the best one, with basket shift, made in Holland It's clone is the Adler Contessa from what I can see.

  6. You do have a lot of patience Bill :) It is a shame about the weight, after all your TLC it does have a very nice typeface.. just a shame it doesn't meet the other criteria :)

  7. The typeface is printing nice and crisply. I'd almost consider keeping it for that alone. And yep, I thought all Tippas were carriage shift anyway - having to move up to Juniors or a Gabriele for basket shift - little do I know.