Monday, June 23, 2014

Typewriter Day 2014


  1. Happy Typewriter Day! (:
    Bummer about the flat tire, sounds like you had a good trip tho - next time: Skyriter!

  2. Bill -happy typewriter day! Lots of support for the skyriter... maybe I should try it again and this time around I might really like it.

  3. Man, that sounds like a good burger!

    I'm with you on the Baby. Not a fan.

  4. Happy Typewriter Day Bill, I think this would be a highlight for you! Sorry you were disappointed with your choice of travel typewriter.. next time yeh! Must agree with Richard above, that did indeed sound like a tasty burger, I like a bit of the hot stuff myself :)

  5. Oh, that burger...I want it! You're also making me want a Skyriter.

  6. @Richard P
    and @Little Flower Petals
    Looks like I need to get to work on my post about Mama Compton's. I need to visit their web site because I am not sure of the proper name of the burger. I know it was super. Big, tasty, and I really wish I lived closer because the food there is really great as well as the people.

    And anyone who does not have a Skyriter will have fun if they get one. I do not have any of the new ones with the long carriage return lever. My favorites are from the mid 1950s because the have a paper gage, but I took one from a parts machine and put it on my 1949 - 1950 one. I've never gotten one with a hard platen either.