Sunday, June 15, 2014

Not a Typecast. Not a Pencast Either.

I am way behind on my posting.  Then many things do not work out as planned.

I still have too many irons in the fire.  Stuck in Florida too -- unless I refuse to return from Iowa.

We've been on the road for a while. It all started with visiting a few of the local state parks and trails.  Then with some family interests we've once again landed in Iowa, and we've been visiting Illinois.

This trip also took place with a substitute for a Skyriter.  My Hermes Baby. Wish I would have stayed with my decision to bring the Skyriter.  The Hermes is not as good as a Skyriter.  It will not even feed a Typosphereian Post Card.  Skyriters feed post cards.

My Baby is in quite good condition, but it lacks the functionality of a Skyriter.  It just happens to fit my computer backpack better than a Skyriter and weighs less.  Every bit of space and mass reduction pays when traveling.  Since Mrs. M is handicapped the least I carry the better.  Generally I would not even given thought to a typewriter or even my computer except that I am doing a bit of job hunting while here.

I've fallen behind on blog reading, although I think I have been reading all.  I know I could miss a post sometimes.  I have not commented much either.  Time is tight.  (Now I sound a bit like Booker T and the MG's).

I've really (as always) enjoy my time away from Florida.  Weather in Iowa has been fantastic.  Illinois has been a bit windy.  The locals in both places are telling me the weather is more like May than June.  I like it.  Cool mornings to run and not a cloud in the sky all day except for the short shower at the airport and one this morning.

Well, that is what I've been up to.  I hope to head off to Cincinnati on a side trip.  Mrs. wants to go to the American Gothic house and Cincinnati looks like a doable side trip.
Oh, wait a minute, Dr. Polt is in Ohio!  I'll be going to Cincinnati, Iowa.



  1. You're sounding very busy, Bill! Best of luck with the job hunt. If it gets you a job, then leaving FLA will be a whole lot easier, I'm sure. And don't worry about posting/reading blogs. Typosphere's not going anywhere.

  2. Just when I get used to spelling Cincinnati, it turns out there's more than one! Good you are making the best of the cooler climate.

  3. Sounds like quite the excursion. You are getting lucky with the weather, glad you're making the most of it.

  4. Good on ya for getting any blogging and commenting done in the midst of all that busyness! Safe travels to you.

  5. It's a bit of pain when you're traveling not to be able to take along exactly what you want, I get the distinct feeling that the Hermes Baby was definitely not your favoured choice :) Things sound pretty hectic for you right now Bill, try to chill now and then and don't worry.. be happy, sorry couldn't resist :)

    1. I use the Baby at home and the only issue is the spools recommended by Hermes are too large and cause the paper to catch when feeding a new sheet, but there were a few things I never tried with it, like feeding a post card. Can't do it with a Baby. Skyriters are much better quality.

  6. Glad to hear it's a bit of pleasure with business and sounds like a bit more pleasure! Maybe you'll have some luck and find yourself a cheap skyriter while youre there!