Sunday, August 4, 2013

I have a Baby

This is what happens when I do a typecast from the work bench

I also repeat myself

I use this on the chrome and other non painted metal and plating

Same as FinishLine, but from Lowe's it is $3.00 to $4.00 cheaper.

Not bad for $5.00, it works too, but smells like rotten tobacco smoke

Can you guess which is the Montana Luxe and which is teh Hermes Baby?

The Luxe, Skyriter, and Baby

Skyriter is a bit larger, taller and heavier than the Baby

A RockMite 40 (Thought notagain might enjoy)
More on the SM4 later.


  1. Heh, great workbench postings! A slice of the moment in the mind of a fellow typewriter hobbyist while he's plying his craft :D

  2. A very nice looking SM4, especially for $5! I can see that it is elite as well, considering the page rule.

    Sounds like you had a lot more luck with the Baby than I did with my Rocket. I need to repair the mainspring, but that thing just won't come apart!

  3. @Ted, Thanks. I thought about posting some photos of the shop. Just thought.

    @Ken, I just repaired my Montana about 2 weeks ago with a similar problem.
    The mainspring broke from the bend that held it to the mounting shaft. I was able to grab it with a pair of my small chain nose needle nose pliers and rebend the end with a small pair of angled needle nose pliers. So far so good.


  4. I love the part of the typecast that actually showed you testing the U key and the margin settings. Very enjoyable and informative read.

  5. Great post Bill. My Baby is still "on the bench" requiring a little more patience. Constantly refitting the cover is pain though. I had an unshifting problem too, either a Royal or an Underwood. That torsion bar was easy, in the end, I seem to remember. There were couple of grub screws you loosen, then ease the toothed adjuster apart and wind it up a little. The problem, I guess, what fatigue in the spring. If the precise solution comes to me - and the exact machine, for that matter, I'll let you know.

    1. Thanks Rob.
      It is not too often I stump the members of the Yahoo typewriters groups, but I did with this one (the Underwood spring).

      I loosened the lock screw to turn it, but that is only loosen tension. I did not remove the screws in the shaft ends for fear the spring would unwind and then I have a worse mess.

  6. Fantastic post! Just researching the skyriter to help me determine if it is something to add to my own collection which if anything needs a culling of the herd.
    Btw I have an underwood universal with that same shift lock issue. So far I think it has something to do with how one key hooks onto the other TNbut I havent had a chance to thoroughly test and diagnose.

  7. After using the Baby for a week of travel I doubt I will ever use it again. The Hermes Baby I have is like new, but it is not anywhere close to the quality of a Skyriter from the late 40s through the 50s. The quality of the later Skyriters is not as good. Seems the ones from the 40s and 50s are better typers. Some Typosphereians have the tan ones with the longer return lever that are made in the USA and report they are good typers. I need to get one to try. I doubt I'd travel with one of those as they are not as compact.

    As far as typing action and touch the Skyriter is the best.
    The Baby is ok, but nothing to brag about and the machines are generally over priced.
    The Montana is the worst. I only have it because of the name. I use it, but the touch is lacking -- too much like a Baby (from which it is derived).