Sunday, January 20, 2013

Typospheric Resolutions

2012 New Year's Resolutions


  1. My typospherian resolutions for 2013 are 4:

    Use all my typewriters at least three days in a row each, and rotate the collection so that no machine stays unused for long periods of time.

    Finish the mechanical and functional restoration of all my typewriters.

    Expand my blog to include new sections and contents: cars, books, old records, history, opinion, typecasts.

    Make an online inventory with all the cover art and sleeves from the LP records in my collection.

  2. Heh, for 2013? Update the typewriter database :D

  3. It's not a formal resolution, but I do want to make good progress on the Typewriter Insurgency book.

  4. I had an excuse last year not to make resolutions. This year I just don't wanna. Have a good 2013 and don't dwell on it.

  5. My resolutions are similar to yours and I'm not great at sticking with them, either. I have become more selective and have focused on offbeat typefaces.

    Desires for 2013:
    I want Richard's Graphica.
    I want a Fractur typeface machine.
    I want them cheap (a totally unrealistic goal.)

  6. I'm glad you turned moderation on. The cryptic word verification thing drives me crazy!

  7. I can never stick to resolutions, so I don't make any. Ideally, I won't be buying anything new (well, not without very very good reasons...) and I will part with more stuff than I take in. We'll see!

  8. Nothing too ambitious ... (laughs)
    1. Get to Herman Price's gathering in West Virginia and meet my heroes, Richard Polt, Herman, Peter Weil, Alan Seaver and Will Davis in person.
    2. Write the great Australian-Irish-New Zealand novel on a typewriter. Just an an ordinary autobiography will suffice.
    3. Get my hands on a decent Underwood 5, a nice Groma (non-Kolibri) would be good, and a Klein Torpedo especially.
    4. Merge all typewriters with their cases (labelled) - would help storage so much!
    That'll keep me going for this year.