Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's 12.12.12!

The shift in print density noticeable more near the end and the not quite aligning letters are due to my typing while Mrs.  sleeps.  If I typed in the closet as Mike Speegle does, I'd awaken her.  The only closet in our house large enough to fit into is the one in the bedroom.  I tried using less pressure to keep the clacks as quiet as possible.

The parenthetical note should state from about and not for about.

Speaking of which...I think this typewriter will be the first to have its platen recovered and feed roller rebuilt by J.J. Short.

Check out their typewriter services page.

Celebrate today!  It is the last matching number day of the century!


  1. Ah Bill, you beat me to it! I was waiting for 12 after noon (GMT). There's a cliff-top on the coastal path in Dorset. At St Aldelm's head there's a bench with an inscription. A quote from (I discovered later) Dylan Thomas reads: LISTEN. TIME PASSES. LISTEN.

    Happy 12.12.12!

    1. I wanted to post at 12:12 GMT and decided to wait for local time, but I will be at work. That means I would likely forget to post my typecast. I had to post before my feeble mind wandered off and I would need to go find it.

  2. Thank you Bill. Have a great 121212 as well!

  3. How Wisconsin celebrated 12|12|12 -- our morning paper had a 2 page spread commemorating #12, Aaron Rogers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. We goes with class we does!