Friday, October 19, 2012

Having Fun with Typewrter Serial Numbers

Serial numbers at The Right Reverend Theodore Munk's Blog

and at The Typewriter Serial Number Database


  1. Thanks for this valuable information. So your Hermes 3000s span 6 years from 1964 to 1969, with the change from round to square shape happening sometime in 1966.

    One instruction manual for the square shape lists "Petit-Pica, Elite, Hermès Speciale, Pica, Director, Techno" as available typefaces for this Hermes 3000. (the manual is in German, so the vocabulary might not be the same as in English). So, is there a Hermes 3000 script? Anyone?

    1. Shordzi, Here is a list of the type faces in English. It came with my fourth Hermes 3000.


  2. I have a square body in script, from strikethru, who hated it. It's not bad.

  3. Oh and Bill, I was trying to do the same with underwood-olivetti vs olivetti-underwood. I think that flipped around '64

  4. I should have noted that 1967 in the NOMDA book starts at 3391500 and on the Typewriter Serial Number Database at 3394101

  5. And the fun continues when you're dealing with machines made in, say, Mexico or Brazil. The Serial Number Database does not contain information on those serials, which tend to be completely different from the numbers listed there. One example: I have a Olivetti Linea 88, made in Brazil, whose serial number is way above the upper limit listed in the database.

  6. Pretty neat to have the two designs so close in serial numbers! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Madness how you have so many Hermes 3000s!! You are certainly an addict!
    I do love mine too tho and wouldn't mind if it multiplied in the middle of the night like in gremlins.

  8. Great blog! Do you know where I can get some more info on serial plates? Thanks!