Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fountain Pen Notebook Find

These are the ink tests.

Slight bleed through, but not enough to matter.
Not shown is that this notebook also has an attached ribbon place marker. It does not have the pocket on the inside back cover.  On the smaller pocket notebook from Staple's I found the pocket to be quite useful on my recent trip.

It is much easier to see what is on the opposite side of a Moleskine page.
I seldom write on both side of a page and if I do it is generally with a pencil as almost any kind of a pen has a bit of shadowing through the page.  However with my first and only Moleskine notebook I had bleed through enough to mark the blank page.  I just cannot justify spending any amount over about $5.00 for any size Moleskine low quality notebook.  The Moleskine paper has a unique feel, but that is the only thing I found I like about the notebooks, especially since they are made in China.  If I want a Chinese made notebook I will buy one of the cheaper priced ones that match or exceed the quality of the expensive one.

In my collection I have several notebooks from China, Viet Nam and India and they are all nicer than Moleskine.  In the future I hope to try a few other brands including Rhodia or Clairefontaine as I understand both use the same paper.


  1. I have empty notebook syndrome and haven't bought any in awhile. That looks like a nice one though.

  2. Nice looking notebook! Yeah, Moleskines aren't really worth it, given the ludicrous price-point and all. Not that I have like twenty of them lying around. *cough cough*

    Plus, does anyone actually use that little pocket in the back anyway?

    1. Mike, I actually used my 3" x 5" pocket notebook like a wallet while travelling. I stored extra $$$ there hoping no one would suspect a notebook would contain money.

  3. After buying a Moleskine, and having the same problem with it like you, I tried to find out the thickness of the paper they use in their notebooks... 70, 80, 100?... I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. That's strange for a notebook advertised as a top one... You would think that, before buying a notebook, you'd like to now the quality of the paper, right?...

  4. I do use the pockets when I have them in notebooks I use as journals: they make a good place to store ticket stubs and other small scrap-booky momentos. But the lack of a pocket doesn't keep me from buying an otherwise good notebook.

    Thanks for the review!