Monday, May 21, 2012

Here's the Answer to Taking Apart A Hermes 3000 Part 1 and the Hermes 3000 Taken Apart

The depressing typewriter, no back space, tabulator, left platen knob, right margin, bell, 1 or 0.  A 1932-33 Royal Signet.

I read on several sites about this being a depressing typewriter from the Great Depression.  I think it is quite neat.  I like the all upper case oblique or italic pica font.  I do get confused and hit the Z for a shift key at times though.  It's big brother is on my wish list.

Thank you Dwayne F. and Richard P.  you were the only readers who attempted to name the typewirter.  Dwayne answered correctly on the first post.

This is the typewriter I like to keep at work.  I may take my Underwood.  Then every other month I would have a different machine.

Plans are not to be too long to post on putting the Hermes 3000 back together.  I may do it before I do the Noiseless 7s.


  1. It's a cool little typewriter, I don't think it's depressing. Cheap and simple, but well made and stylish nonetheless!

    1. I agree. I like typing on this. It is nice and snappy and for its dirty segment only the ? key sticks with any regularity.

  2. I like our Signet as well. It may be built cheap, but the styling is unique. I think they did a lot with little resources. Plus, I am a sucker for unique typefaces.

    Please take plenty of photos of the Noiseless 7 tear down. I need to replace pinch rollers on one and have been procrastinating.

  3. I have the signet's cousin, the Royal Junior, which at least has a shift, but no right margin or bell. Doesn't matter, it's cute as a kitten and lots of fun. It may not have a back space either. My Remington Junior Riter sure doesn't, but it, too, is aesthetically pleasing and fun to use.

  4. That's really beautiful. Definitely a find I would be ecstatic about here - the '30s American portables are quite rare in these parts. I have come across a few Remingtons, but no Royals yet. I love the italic typeface too.

    I haven't seen one of these in person yet, but I've seen a few of them online and I sort of guessed that is what it could be from your last posts. However I thought it was too good to be true... what great luck you have!

  5. That's a very smart looking typewriter and the other end of the scale from the sophisticated Hermes.

  6. I couldn't even begin to guess and as it turned out I've never heard of that model before. Very cute machine, and I'm jealous of the italic.

  7. I've never heard of this model before. But it's quite a beauty :) I just adore the typeface. And its simplicity. Usually aren't the simplest things the better ones?

  8. i like it too. particularly the space bar.

  9. This is late, Bill (been& still am overseas as you know), but I'll comment anyway. I've been on the hunt for this typewriter and like you, I find its unusual features, especially the all-caps, plus points rather than liabilities. A unique find, you're lucky to have one.