Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jinhao Dragon Fountain Pen

If I were looking for an inexpensive fountain pen and had but $10.00 to spend and a choice between a Zebra V-301 and a Jinhao pen; I'd choose the Jinhao.


  1. Mercy me, but that's a pretty pen – and the price is right!

  2. Mike,
    The price is what encouraged me to buy it. I have another Chinese pen I'll review later. Even though the nib is a nail I find no problem writing with it. The problem is me. The stiff nib allows me to revert to sloppy penmanship since stiff to me equates to a ball point or roller ball pen.

  3. Bling! A hard pen to mislay - unlike a charcoal grey plastic Lamy Safari :-) Thanks for a thorough write-up.

  4. Sounds cool. The dragon is a funny gimmick.

    1. @Florian,
      I agree. I'd rather a plain clip that works.

  5. Nice photos! The dragon is especially cool, and as you said, what a great price! Since I've started writing with fountain pens occasionally, I've been trying hard to slow down, too, but my old scrawl and inefficient pen grip continue to rear their ugly heads.

  6. I love this pen! Sure, part of it stems from Dragon ego, but that's OK.