Thursday, March 29, 2012

Constraints on Collecting; Rules

Do I need more?  Should I add more?  Best part about making the rules is I know I will ignore them.

The budget and lack of space will dictate my collecting or not collecting.


  1. Great, more rules to be broken. ( :

    Since my finds are mostly from ebay, I really find it difficult to adopt your rule number 1. Typeface is a like a box of chocolates for me, I never know what I'm gonna get (this is the second time I'm referencing Forrest Gump this week. Scary).

    1. I like the box of chocolates - you could try "Life is like peeling an onion". Or "Life is like the inside of a teapot". Or "...bowl of cornflakes", you wake up in the morning, and its there :-)

  2. This is a good set of rules. I am biased towards interesting typefaces and that is not something readily found in the wild. I love the precision of German made machines - the machining and the action.

    Aesthetic design and color are important to me. Some U.S. machines make the cut on this alone without snappy precision or special typefaces. My birthday present fits this category and is partially torn down for lube and adjustments.

  3. That's my kind of discipline! You need ideals but but it is so easy to wander into temptation's path.

  4. Those are pretty close to my rules. Typeface is first lately, but for an interesting model I'll skip that or pay more. In the case of the Adler Universal I got a nice typeface anyway, so sometimes it works out.