Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hermes 3000 Techno Pica

Typo 1, od, should be of. Typo 2 vit should be bit

Setag Techno Pica


  1. Very nice closeups of the type slugs.

  2. Techno pica rocks!
    You're lucky to find it and Hermes at that. I wish every typewriter on ebay would have a typeface sample. Online, it really is just sheer luck.

  3. The type slugs look amazingly clean.

    Great typeface!

  4. Oooo...mmacro! I typically don't have the patience to get my type slugs that clean. Nicely done! Also, kudos on manufacturing knob replacements. I understand there are now 3D printer services. I've seen some MakerBot projects where inserts are included.

    I like the typeface. My Olympia SM9 has been itching to do a technology related typecast.

  5. Very nice!
    That platen knob problem is mysterious, on none of the many Hermeses we've seen here in Switzerland, there were broken platen knobs.

  6. @I dream lo-tech, I check out the type slugs real closely if there is a photo posted and no typing example.

    @ Dwayne F, I have a 3D printing system at work, but no good knobs to copy and make the 3D CAD file for the printer. I'd love to see the SM-9 typeface. I do not have an SM-9, but I want one.

    @ maschinengeschrieben, I think the knob problem is people not taking care when closing the lid and breaking the knobs by not having the carriage centered and locked.

    Thanks all for the comments.

  7. Hey, I have one of these too! I think that I have noted more typeface variations on Hermes 3000s of this style than the earlier, curvy model - you have techno, I have epoca, Richard has script, etc. To be fair, I've seen techno and script also on the curvy ones, but never epoca...

    Anyway, perfect depiction of Hermes techno in your typecast! The type slugs are nice and clean, and the macro pictures are marvelous.

    1. Thank you Adwoa. The type slugs were fairly clean when I got the typewriter. A bit of acetone and a medium bristle toothbrush did a good job on cleaning.

  8. Very cool! I love the techno typeface! I slugs really do look very nice and clean. What a neat find.