Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ever wonder why you may not show as joining my blog?


  1. For such a competent technology company, Google is surprisingly random in its Blogger implementation. The unannounced transition to the slideshow "feature" was like something Facebook would have done. Then there are the random follower lists you mentioned and the posts missing from the Typosphere blogroll.

    I've also had recent hiccups on image insertions - and that with unworldly i7 quad core, Windows 7, 16 GB of RAM laptop muscle. The House Full of Nerds had a post not save in progress on a well speced XP laptop. It's all just...random.

    Too bad about the skipping problem on your Noiseless. Is yours quiet? My lake night typing has been pretty limited given my love of snappy German machines.

  2. Blogger is sometimes rocky. The blogroll problems, in the days from 21 december to 6 january, all images uploaded didn't find the right folder... And so on. I just keep wondering if Wordpress was better.

  3. Image insertion can be really a pain. Sometimes it works fine and other times it will cause problems. I found that if I lay out my blog post all at one time on the posting page, photo 1, body, photo 2, more text, photo 3 for example and do an upload of all I eliminate most problems. Then I match the sizes for what I want.

    The noiseless is quite silent. There is some noise, but no clank clack like a regular typewriter. Bell is quite quiet. I must listen for it or I hit the margin stop each line. When I give it a good cleaning I hope it will be even quieter.

  4. Hi Bill, member/follower list never really cropped up as being out of line with dashboard. I'm just amazed that I have any in the first place! The photo thing does continue to be a pain, especially as I built a photography site using Blogger. The workarounds are generally OK and as long as you edit images to a fixed width before uploading - then build your post in the correct order.

    One thing I still have trouble with is ordering jpeg images and embedded flash objects. Because I feed my blog posts via networkedblogs to my Facebook page (may as well) I like to put a still image on the post as well as a 'virtual tour' panorama - which may be the main subject of the post. Facebook via networked blogs only shows image thumbnails and not the flash player I use for the user-controlled panoramic photos. And, for aesthetics, I'd rather have the jpeg beneath the panorama, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me. There's an example post here.

    Still, all this tech is free and allows me to generate some income - so I guess I can't really complain.

    PS: You'll have noticed my Remington Rand Mod. 1 skips a little too. Could be genetic?

  5. Rob,
    Thanks for the link. Great blog and wonderful photography.