Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Remington Noisseless Model 7

This one needs cleaned and an adjustment.  It makes typing error (I would never make one (HA!))
I'll do my next post when I am not so tired and do not make soooooo many
mistakes.  I even called it by the incorrect name!  It is a Noiseless Model 7.  I should not post things when I am falling asleep.


  1. Probably all it needs is a good cleaning and some oiling. I'm just expecting to see the after cleaning photos :)

  2. My Royal "O" portable has the same skipping issue, and it seems to be a very clean machine.

    I have three Remingtons (Model 17, two QuietRiters) and must admit that I am partial to their typefaces. Yours is equally elegant and utilitarian at the same time. Just something about it...

  3. Just blogged about my own Noiseless 7, which skips on the letter "a". A bit aggravating, but I manage to use (and love) it regardless. They are so well-designed! Hope you get this one into fighting shape soon.

  4. that is one creature i'd like to have in my stable :-D nice typer!