Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Japanese Olympia Typewriter


  1. Good-looking machine; I have never encountered one.

  2. Good going!

    I think you'll like this:


    (another Japanese Olympia)

  3. This is great! I've seen these '70s - '80s Olympias (some manual, some electric), but you're the first I know of who has actually used one. Glad to get a review of it on the record - it's about time someone strayed off the beaten path of SM-3s and Hermes 3000s :-)

    The text is so crisp too, looks like you used a carbon ribbon?

  4. Adwoa,
    The ribbon is a plain (nylon?) fabric ribbon. The typeface on this machine looks like the machine was hardly used and the edge face (for lack of knowing the correct term for the part that impresses the ribbon to the paper) is sharper than my other ones. I doubt the ribbon is silk; just does not feel like silk.