Saturday, March 14, 2015

Underwood Master or Champion?

The post card and the image above I think originate in the New York Public Library.  They are all over  on line so I do not know who to correctly recognize as the originating source.

Mine, missing some chrome.
Here's the link to the one that has plastic keys.  The keys even look like they may be dark green.

I thought I may be able to differentiate between Master and Champion by the pull tab on the type slug access door.  Then I found some sites with Underwood Master shown without the pull tab.  I'm sure there are variations between model years, and maybe even production runs.  I'm wondering whether mine is a Master, as I found M to designate that, or was the space bar changed some time in its life, or is that normal for the Master to have CHAMPION on the space bar. Remember in all the typing contests Underwood won. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Typewriter Joins the Staff at Work

Thought is best to use some engineering paper since I was at work in the lab.
I was thinking of my SS when I typed SS.  I meant model S.

Under the sheet of styrofoam was a few sheets of high density foam and the entire machine was packed nicely with it too.  The basket was filled with balled plastic grocery bags and the entire machine stabilized in its foam encasement.  Excellent work.
The machine as it sits on the back section of my desk.  Also the H3k stored away in its house.
Dates to 1940

Wish mine had the fancy paper tray that Robert Messenger's has.  Mine needs some chrome too.
I really enjoy using my Underwoods.  They are the best, snappiest, fastest, easiest typewriters in my collection.

Our engineer intern now wants a typewriter.  I think I'll see what I can find on the to-be-repaired stack for him.  I know I have at least one repairable H3k.

I'll be sending this platen off to JJ Short when the other one comes back.  I could save a few dollars if I'd waited until I got this one. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Last Day of ITAM

Sent from my stubborn Hammond Multiplex.  Not bad for nearly 100 years old.

I spent most of my day working on my taxes and thinking of how can I do something for the last day of ITAM.  For some silly reason I thought of an old simple-silly song from way back in my radio days, The Second Week of Deer Camp by Da Yoopers.  Somehow I could not think of how to make and ITAM verse rhyme the way it should even though the metre could make it fit.

I also thought I'd get to my parts machines.  I do have some parts promised, but I wanted to post them here.  Keep watching.  One day soon I will post them.

For's back to making the IRS happy.

P.S. Please visit Claudia's blog.

Claudia Has A New Blog -- Claudia's Tappy Typewriters

Just thought I'd share this for those readers not in the Yahoo! group.

Claudia Tan is a typewriter collector and typist in Singapore.

Claudia's Tappy Typewriters

I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Appreciating Typewriters at Work

The reactions of fellow employees to their engineering manager using a typewriter is worth the effort of using a typewriter at an electronics company.  I think I'm expected to do everything with a computer.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I.T.A.M. 2015

Photo from ad.  Is this thing damaged or will it be fine?  Turns out it was and is fine.

Hermes 3000.8
I hope to post more on my adventures with the Oliver typewriters as well as some of our week end getaways.  Plenty of photos and enough to type for a few posts if I take the time to do them.

We've been back out to the local parks and wildlife preserves enjoing summer weather while most of the rest of North America is burried in snow or shivering from sub-zero temperatures.  Know what?  I miss both (except on the firegound or responding to emergencies on ice-covered roads).

Summer here is worse than the times where the tempereature was below zero F for a month or more and we got dumping after dumping after dumping of snow in accumulations of 12 or more inches at a time.  I'd take off with my backpack, tent, and snow shoes and go camping.  More work than in the summer, but no bugs.

Really, I do like the spring-time weather the best.  Shirt and shorts weather, no bugs, and Mrs. M can go along.  If we were still in the North she'd be pretty much stuck indoors.  I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to almost any locality.