Sunday, September 30, 2018

Back from Sacramento

Hope this is not too distorted.  I used the Stylus-1 and since posting noticed a few of the last letters are missing.  At least the Letter 22 keeps on working.  And EMG is a typo. It should be ENG, electronic news gathering from way back in my radio days.

The new Mr. & Mrs.

They are still smiling during the night.

Half way through this my scanner decided to take a fit and I am too tired at the moment to debug it. 

Hopefully the newlyweds will be smiling many years to come as Mrs. M and I have never stopped smiling since our first date.


  1. Congrats on the daughter's wedding - may they stay happy together! (:
    I've got a Marantz PMD-201/221 service manual coming this week with a date on the scanner. I'll send you a PDF along with Joe. I already need to open up one of my 201's and replace the belt(s) after it ate a tape last session. I suspect we'll all need to do that once we put some serious use on the old belts.

    1. Thanks in advance for the PDF. One of the many manuals I never had since I thought I'd always be able to use what was at a radio station.
      We used to do our belts about every year, and If I remember correctly -- replacement is a bit involved compared to consumer decks. the entire case must be taken apart and then most of the remaining boards and such inside removed to get to the belts. More time consuming than difficult. I think there are 3 belts and 2 idlers. The idlers usually only need cleaned and treated with rejuvenator. same with the pinch roller. Yeah, we'll all be replacing belts if the decks get used much.

  2. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

  3. Hi Bill welcome back. I believe that time away from anything technical is good for the equilibrium 😀 Your daughter and new son in law look so happy and it sounds like yourself and Mrs M are a wonderful example of a happy marriage ✨

  4. Thank you Grace. Mrs. M and I have not stopped smiling since we first met. Hope Jen and David do the same.