Sunday, December 7, 2014

In Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives 73 Years Ago
USS Arizona from

We see too many photos of the mighty Arizona and Pearl Harbor during and after the attack.  I thought I'd look for one with her crew, but I was unable to find one close to 1941.

There were many more souls and ships lost onboard other ships and on shore that eventful Sunday morning.  The most were lost on the Arizona.

To Honor and Remember those who gave all so we can have the freedoms we have today.

To Honor all those who served in the past.

To Honor and thank those who serve today.


  1. Salute to the crew of old #39. A sad end for a ship that served a quarter-century without ever firing a shot in anger. /:

    1. To me that is what made the loss of the Arizona and her crew all the more devistating.

  2. Great sentiments, thank you for this Bill.

  3. Well said, Bill. I visit the Battleship Texas (BB35) every now and then and have a new respect for what those men did for us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful tribute Bill, very fitting.
    P.s. I didn't swim Bill, but I dip dip my feet in, too msny bitey things in there :)