Saturday, October 11, 2014

Styrofoam and Black Wrinkle Paint Do Not Mix

Power supply cover, before Goo Gone
The attacker

Turned out to be quite ineffective against styrofoam

Generally this does a great job on old radios.  Not so on styrofoam.
The transceiver is on the left after it was attacked with 3 Scrubbing Bubles soaking and a soaking in TSP.  All-in-all it was soaking at least 2 hours.
Result of GooGone some brushing and rubbing with a cloth.  The smooted wrinkles can still be seen where the peanuts were.  Who knows how long these components were in storage.  I may give all three units a repaint to make them look alike.



  1. eww, styrofoam stuck to paint. Hate that! I'm glad you found something that worked satisfactorily (:

  2. Wow that was a tricky clean up job Bill, I could have done with some of that GooGone this weekend trying to get stickers off an old cupboard :) Glad to hear the job is going well and that it's stopped raining for a while, take care.