Thursday, February 20, 2014

It's Another Facit Pica Cubic! Facit TP2

Its been a long and tiring day.  Post is complete with typos, mis spelled words and un-GIMPed photos.


  1. I wonder what's causing the type misalignment, I haven't seen anything like that on a Facit before!

    The TP2's successor, 1620, has improved margin sets with a scale but it isn't quite as nice to use as the earlier models.

    1. My thoughts when I started typing. The machine does not look like it was used hard, but some of the slugs look like they hit off horizontally as well as vertically. Weirder yet is as I type a line it looks a bit off level, but aligned with the line gage and when I measure them. Most of the upper case / lower case was my rhythm. Generally I find the TP2 not an improvement over the TP1, but just one made with cheaper quality. Could all just be this one machine though.

  2. I've had my hands on a couple of Facits and was very impressed. never owned one yet, though. Good luck knocking out the bugs! (:

  3. Gee I take my hat off to those who correctly guessed Facit, I did not have the foggiest! Looks like quite a nice clean unit.