Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas: 79 Years and Still Going

I knew the paper was at the end.  Trying to stretch it did not quite work.

I have quite a bit to write about Rich.  He and Bob were my first mentors and they had quite an impact on my life.  I've had quite a successful life.  I know my life would be much better though had I lived more as they did. 

Here are the links to the Santa Truck:

Lykens site

Please spend some time on this site.  For me many many great memories from working with Rich and the Santa team.  I left Lykens in the early 80s never to return again to be able to work with the gang.  Rich and Bob (and some of the other fellows) are no longer with us.

The best I can say is that Rich was a humble man that never liked attention.  I hope if he can see from the beyond that he is not upset his family set up the wonderful tribute to him. 


  1. How wonderful. That's someone with a big heart!

  2. That's an nice memory. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. Yay! Santa Truck! :D

    An excellent mentor, sounds like a great guy to crack open a can with.

  4. When I was of age for a beer we had a few hot dogs and hamburgers as well as a few Yuenglings from his tap in his pic nic pavilion at the back of his property. When I was about 10 years old and bitten by the radio bug he was the fellow who taught me and encouraged me to learn all I could.

  5. Sounds like things are pretty hectic for you right now Bill. The world needs more folk like Rich Klinger.. I think he would love to know that he was so well thought of.

  6. Btw Bill... looking forward to seeing your 'under the bridge' shots sometime in the near future :)

    1. They may need to wait depending on when I move. I have quite a few from when I went rafting and some from last summer on the Mississippi River near Rock Island, Illinois.