Saturday, March 9, 2013

Computers Vs Typewriters on Cable / Satellite TV

I was watching some reruns last night on TV Land which has a series starting April 3.

Here is a clip of the typewriter episode.  I could not find the date and time this episode airs. 


  1. Damn.... Not available to me in Australia :(

    1. I wonder if you could watch it on line when or after it airs. Some content providers allow on line viewing and some do not.

      I watched a History Channel series on line until I missed a few episodes and waited too long to watch them. After a while when I went back to watch, they were not available.

  2. This looks entertaining!

    Where did they find oldsters who've never used computers, though? Most senior citizens these days are emailing, Facebooking, etc.

  3. That looks pretty entertaining. I will have to look it up.

  4. The program is promoted as a reality/comedy. I think it is scripted though. I doubt any of the people are as dumb as some of the ads make them out to be.