Thursday, February 28, 2013

Only a Few Hours Left

I missed an extra space or two.


  1. Let's just make EVERY month an ITAM!

    That skipping looks annoying. It seems to happen especially after an a, which I think is typical for these noiseless machines. They need to be very clean, and then you need just the right touch, and then you need the leprechauns to be cooperating.

  2. Heh, I've never been able to keep a skipper. Last time I culled the herd, I gave all my skippers away to the typewriter shop. :D

  3. @Richard, It is annoying. One reason I seldom use this typewriter. I have a second one. I hope I soon get time to put them both on the bench and get one working correctly. I know the one I use needs a good cleaning. I will try a better rhythm.

    @Ted, I have 3 that skip: a Skyriter that is fast becoming a parts machine, a Studio 44, and the Noiseless used in the typecast. I keep the Noiseless in the collection because it is just plain neat.

  4. Funny. My Hermes 2000 skips after the letter 'a' as well.
    Nice typecast, Sir William.