Saturday, December 8, 2012

No Time for Typecasting


  1. It's always great reading your posts, Bill. Guess most of the typosphere regulars have been rather busy lately; but it only makes their posts the more enjoyable when they finally come.

    Me, I still have to find the inspiration to write... I have a nice Olympia SM-3 on my desk which is begging to be put to some more meaningful use than typing short sentences.

  2. One of my favorite bits of writing advice is from Tom Furrier (of Cambridge Typewriter), who is a great friend. He says, "what matters is that you're writing." I like to recall this.
    Yes, indeed, life happens and at times getting in writing time is the trickiest kind of multitask juggling. During all of last month, I just had time for one blog piece. But we're all here, and grateful to read one another's work!
    Like Miguel suggests (above) Olympia script is a great typeface for letter-writing. The letters connect with amazing precision.

    Blessed Advent to you!

  3. Bill, I love the way you have no time to typecast and yet... here we are reading a typecast.