Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hermes 3000 #4 in Pictures

Ready to type, but it needs cleaned

Some of the bent case damage.  The space bar and housing needed to be straightened

Inside is quite nice.  I should have taken a pic. of the inside underside.  It is quite clean.
Not the best pictures.  Sometimes when I work on a machine, or just try it when I first get it, I seldom take time to do any photographs and my shop lighting is not the greatest.


  1. Nice machine... maybe a bit beaten, it seems that the space bar is slightly bent :-(

  2. Doesn't look all that bad. And your manual seems to be an amazing find!

  3. I hadn't seen that literature before -- nice.

  4. I have never seen a manual typewriter that didn't have keys that stick! I just took a trip back to high school typing class!!!

    1. Properly maintained a manual should not have sticky keys. I used many manual office machines and none had sticky keys. I do get them with keys that stick or otherwise do not work. After a good cleaning they work fine.

  5. I have yet to come across a Hermes of any variety in the 'wild.' I am certainly keeping my eyes peeled and hope to find one. Thanks for this post.

  6. Doesn't seem that bad. And if it types good, all the rest are mere details...

  7. Love that "Society for the Ethical Treatment of Typewriters" seal, and it features and Oliver, too!