Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Birthday, A Comment, and A Part Needed

This linkage sounds the bell at the right margin.


  1. That is interesting about all the Hermes 3000 Techno Picas getting sold... no, I haven't been watching eBay as diligently as usual, so I missed them. Are they fetching better prices than regular picas, you think? Not everyone gets the appeal of techno pica like you and me :) I don't think it will ever be as sought-after as script, for example!

    1. I have not noted the prices. If I remember most were going for $100 or more plus the shipping. The one that only showed the slugs may have gone for less. I like the Techno and Epoca since they are the easiest to read.

      My favorite is script. Or if I could find an Old English or German typeface. I do not know the proper names. I did see one of them on another blog.

      Otherwise if Helvitica was available I'd probably prefer that one, similar to Sans or Techno perhaps.