Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adler J4 Part 2

Carriage without platen

All the parts removed from the carriage

Original left knob, repaired right knob
My Olympia B12 started to skip badly tonight.  It may be due to using it on my lap.  I still have a bit of a problem with consistent pressure using my left hand since I broke it last summer.  However, there is no comparison between this Japanese machine and my Hermes 3000.  Hand injury or not the Hermes 3000 does not skip and the letters impact the paper at the same velocity giving consistently good clean impression.

I should have taken a picture of the knob when it was broken.  I am surprised I had all the pieces.  In my typecast I mentioned polystyrene and Duco Cement.  I used Duco since it does melt the pieces together, just like Testor's will.  Something I remembered from many years ago building plastic model airplanes and cars.  The result is be careful and you get a joint that stays together quite quickly.

All the keys and typebars are now working freely since the carburetor cleaner bath.  Someone tried to improve this typewriter by using Moly grease in the segment slots!  Carb cleaner is one of the few things that will clean Moly grease from things.

A few cautions if one decides to take typewriters apart (I know many who read this blog already know what I am about to write)  use gunsmith screw drivers (and even these may need to be honed a bit to correctly fit the screw slots), and if one chooses to use carb cleaner it will eat rubber and can harm plastic.  I ensured there was no rubber anywhere that could be hit with the spray, and I covered the keys with aluminum foil to prevent any splashes from white-spotting the keys.  If using any kind of compressed air and / or spray cleaners; wear appropriate goggles, safety glasses do not protect from sprays and splashes.


  1. Thanks, I didn't know about the carb cleaner vs. rubber and plastic problem! I have been using c.c. recently and fortunately haven't managed to splash it onto sensitive surfaces.

    1. Richard, I learned the hard way when I ruined some rubber items back in my high school days working on cars. Depending on the plastic the cleaner and many others can white-spot plastic and the white never comes off.

  2. Great! Myself, I possibly wouldn't dare trying something like this, only on the already-dead Patria I own... You'd be a great typewriter repairman. :)

    1. Florian, This Adler is so easy to take apart it is a bit frightening. I keep thinking someplace some kind of monster is going to appear or parts will fly or I may be sorry on reassembly. This typewriter has really been quite easy to take apart. My work bench is what really scares me!