Friday, November 11, 2011

111111 binary is 3F hex or 63 decimal or plain language Veterans Day in the U.S.A.

Took some time to do a bit of computer work after 8 hours of it at work so here is a short post I could not pass up due to the date (111111)  Last one for a century.

Now if I could only find a typewriter that did not make typos......


  1. All those ones, oh my.
    The blue ribbon is lovely, indeed.
    And the typeface on your Hermes 3000 is excellent. (It's one of the few machines remaining on my Wish List.)

    Your typing ain't bad, either.

    Love the closeup BLUE RED Ribbon shot!

  2. Beautiful blue ribbon! Love the last close-up of the type too, it's a nicely-centered and crisp shot.

    Like you, I find that blue ribbon photographs much better than it scans. I should find a good way to use that...

    Your typecast is very neat, by the way!